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The Observatory has started its activities by reviewing policies and practices of IT-supported lifelong learning across Europe, with a view to identify and promote 'good policy examples' that provide models for action at national and EU levels. This review involves both deskwork and a limited survey of policy-making institutions. It also involves an extensive review of the literature available, including European bibliography by CEDEFOP and OECD; EUROSTAT surveys; selected websites supported by the European Commission, NGOs and other relevant agencies.

The systematic documentation of policy and practice for IT-supported continuing education and training in the context of lifelong learning, across the participating countries, and in the European Union more generally, has provided an inventory of opportunities for IT-supported learning available to employed or unemployed people, with emphasis on employees of SMEs and micro-enterprise, including self-employed persons; and it also compares and contrasts the provision between the participating countries and the EU more generally.

Policy and Practice Reports -

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